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I am a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC). I’ve studied with an amazing Institution and Mentor. But what is Transformational Nutrition Coaching?

It is a method that combines Nutritional Science, Psychology and Spirituality to allow us to live authentically, eat consciously and free ourselves from our struggle with food – from cyclical dieting and dogmatic dietary beliefs.

I refer to these key areas as “The 3 Pillars of Transformation”:

Science a.k.a. Nutrition

Does all of the confusing, conflicting information about nutrition drive you crazy? Good health is more than diets and counting calories. I help you break through this confusion and create the perfect “diet” for you.

You are a unique individual and I will help you discover what the best foods for you are. Using a number of different dietary systems (e.g. paleo vs. low G.I.), I can help you with eating habits, nutritional deficiencies and understanding food labels (although ideally we wouldn’t eat anything with a label – I call it the “no-label diet”!).
At the core of my education and own health transformation, is that your digestion is one of – if not the – major players in your overall health. It’s not what foods the media (or your parents!) tell you are “healthy”, but what suits your body the best. Together we can look at identifying and removing food intolerances and sensitivities as well as food combining and much more.


Why do you know what to do but still don’t do it?! I help you address root causes of your health and weight challenges.
Did you know that the majority of people going on a weight-loss diet gain the weight back within 1 to 2 years? I can help you look at your eating habits such as overeating, emotional eating, the food-mood connection, food addiction, guilt, shame and self-defeating thoughts.
After we have ruled out any physiological factors, together we can dig to the root causes of your emotional connection to food which is the key to most weight challenges. Through mindfulness and other practical methods, I will help you create your own unique “tool-kit” for alleviating the emotional eating connection. You will also learn stress management techniques to maintain your ideal weight and health for the rest of your life.


It’s not just the food that we eat. Understanding who you are authentically is the key to transformation and creating permanent change.

Together we will look at all the other factors that contribute to our nourishment and fulfilment (what are called our “primary foods”). Key to our overall health are our relationships, movement/physical activity, career/roles and living a life that is true to us – authentic living. When these factors are balanced, what you actually eat becomes secondary.

Spirituality is crucial for health and well-being, weight loss and decreased risk of illness. With the “spiritual nutrition” toolkit (including mindfulness, meditation and gratitude) you will develop in our work together, you will learn how to finally heal your relationship with food for good!

Both psychology and spirituality play a key role in contributing to and maintaining the vicious cycle of chronic health conditions e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome and digestive disorders (including IBS and leaky gut). I know from first-hand how easy it is to fall down the “rabbit hole” and the support and behaviour change required to break unhelpful patterns and habits to restore your health and ultimately change your life.

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