Video #1 – Introduction: What is K8 Wellness and who is Kate :)

I’m mixing up the #YEWYA blog series with some videos. Stepping outside of my comfort zone in front of the camera! 🙂

If you are a visual or auditory person and reading blog posts isn’t your thing, then this series is for you!

The first few videos form the basis of my introductory series into K8 Wellness and the Transformational Nutrition Coaching method – the foundation of my nutrition and health coaching work. You can read more about this method on my website. Here is a great place to start.

The videos are designed to be watched in order, as they start with a very general overview of Transformational Nutrition and then I’ll be diving deep into the separate pillars of Nutrition, Psychology and Spirituality. My aim is for you to get a really good understanding of all the factors that lead to good health, great energy, optimal digestion and your perfect weight and hopefully in an easy simple way for you to understand and implement right away.

For now, I hope you enjoy this introduction!

Kate - Blog & Website Signature (cropped)