Video #3 – The 3 Pillars of Transformation: Nutrition

In Video #2 I provided an overview of the Transformational Nutrition Coaching method – the foundation of my nutrition and health coaching work. I referred to “The 3 Pillars of Transformation” – Nutrition, Psychology and Spirituality. I will be coming back to these time and again as everything I write or talk about will come under one or more of the pillars.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I truly believe that in order to have the health (physical, mental, emotional), body and life you are striving for, you have to address all 3 of the pillars. I also encourage baby steps instead of one giant plunge (although sometimes you’re in the right state to take a giant plunge!). We are all unique individuals after all 😉

Normally the starting pillar of the 3 is Nutrition. It’s normally the “easiest point of entry”. What do I mean by that? I will cover that in more depth when I start digging deeper into each of the 3 pillars. But it’s generally the number one area of concern for people (“I want to lose weight”, “I want to increase my energy”, “I want to improve my digestion”) and it’s normally the first thing looked at when working with clients (What are you actually eating? Food diary/journal, identifying food allergies/intolerances etc.).

This is an overview of Nutrition, where I discuss some of the conflicting nutritional information out there. I also introduce 3 Nutritional Principles – that should be the foundation of any “diet” or health program – and if followed, will lead to giant leaps in whatever area of health/life you’re looking for transformation.

I hope you enjoy Video #3 and please share any comments below 🙂

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