The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Detoxing And How YOU Can Avoid Them!

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Have you ever wondered how to properly do a detox or cleanse? You read about the latest “Weekend Detox” featured in a magazine or you see a notice for a “3, 5 or 7 Day Detox” online and you think, ‘which one is right for me?’ or ‘how do I know this is healthy?’. This is a very common experience that a lot of people go through. There is a plethora of information out there about detoxifying and cleansing your body. In fact, there is so much information that it’s hard to know exactly what plan to follow, what foods to eat, and what supplements to take. I want to share with you the top three mistakes people make when detoxing and teach you how to avoid them. [thrive_2step id=’1174′]I’ll help you avoid three huge pitfalls that could end up making you GAIN weight, decrease your energy and leave your body robbed of nutrients[/thrive_2step] (the complete opposite of what you want!). I get asked ALL the time about weight-loss, detox and cleansing and I want to clear up all the confusion (and misinformation). You deserve to know the TRUTH…but first…

A Few Quick Facts About Toxins

Unfortunately, the world has become a toxic place and that has had a devastating impact on our bodies and health. From industry to the products you use on a daily basis (personal care products e.g. shampoo, toothpaste, to household cleaning products), toxins have saturated our lives. Two alarming statistics:

In 1901, cancer was rare: 1 out of 8,000 people got cancer. Since the Industrial Revolution, the cancer rate today has risen to 1 in 2. [Source: The American Cancer Society]

150 chemicals commonly found in our homes are linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. [Source: The Consumer Product Safety Commission]

This information is not meant to scare you, only to make you aware of the situation in our world and why detoxifying and cleansing your body – in the right way – is so very important. With this in mind let’s take a closer look at the three biggest mistakes people make when detoxing and how to avoid them.

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Mistake #1:  Depriving Rather Than Nourishing Your Body While Detoxing


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There is a word that has been attached to detox programs for thousands of years and it can be very detrimental – fasting. When you go to the extreme by restricting calories and essential nutrients, your body and health pay the price. Unfortunately many of the side effects that people think of when they hear the word “detox” come from this type of deprivation. There are also parts of your body that ONLY run on blood glucose – your brain, nervous system and eyes. If you restrict or cut out carbohydrates completely, then your thinking can get foggy and your vision can get blurry. If you are trying to heal your body, you need high-quality nutrients saturating your body to support this process. Your cells and tissues need to be fed, not starved! Digestive health is an essential part of detoxing (and health in general). It needs to be running in tip-top shape in order to move and eliminate toxins that have been stirred up in your system. And getting enough fibre is crucial to…“move things along”! Remember…Do not deprive your body. Nourish it for optimal detoxifying effects!

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Mistake #2:  Detoxing Too Quickly


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You have spent a lifetime being exposed to toxic environments and years upon years of toxins being lodged into your body. You cannot rid yourself of these toxins in a weekend. Detoxing and cleansing programs that are short term can be ineffective for multiple reasons. Firstly, detoxing really needs to be a lifestyle. And secondly, it can release large numbers of toxins that flood into your bloodstream which can cause added stress on your body. Your lifestyle has everything to do with how successful your detox and cleanse program will be. Study after study has proven that creating a real change requires healthy habits. Do you know what happens to people who try to undergo a quick detox? They experience all of the negative side effects commonly associated with detox – think headaches, nausea, digestive problems and depressed mood.

The “Unknown” Phases of Detox

You probably don’t know…and most people who are promoting and selling detoxes and cleanses don’t tell you (or can’t tell you because they don’t know themselves) that… Most detox programs only take you through the FIRST PHASE of detoxing (called Enzymatic Transformation) and then leave you there! They never prepare your body or mind for the SECOND – and most important – PHASE of detoxification (known as Enzymatic Conjugation). I talk about this more in [thrive_2step id=’1174′]my Top 3 Detox Mistakes report [/thrive_2step]. You just need to be aware that there are two different phases of detox and both of these phases need to be supported in the right way.

Quick Detox Programs Can Make You Fat!

If weight loss is one of your goals, then the following information is essential for you to know and understand. There are a few reasons why quick detox programs can make you fat…or at the very least, not help you lose fat. Note: These are the same reasons why any “quick” detox/cleanse/diet programs do not work in the long-run.

  • Your body stores many toxins and synthetic chemicals in your body fat.
  • If you do a short-term detox then you are not eliminating these toxins, which means it is going to be harder for you to convince your body to let go of that fat.
  • We are biologically wired to store fat

More fat = potentially more toxins. There is a lot to this and I go into this in more detail in my Top 3 Detox Mistakes report, but realise that most toxins are foreign to the body. Your body recognises fat as a very safe stable place to keep toxins. Because of this, your body does not want to let go of that fat. You might ask “well surely if toxins are harmful and are stored in fat, why would the body want to hold onto fat – and therefore toxins?”! Because if the toxins are mobilised from the fat…where and how do you think they are released? Yes – some toxins can be released via the skin e.g. sweating – through a regular detox regime such as saunas, Epsom salt baths and of course exercise (if you sweat!) and since the skin is our largest organ this is a great and safe way of getting rid of toxins. However, a lot of toxins have to be processed by the body – the bloodstream, liver, digestive system and other organs. Remember your body’s number one priority is survival so it wants to keep the bad guys i.e. toxins in a safe place i.e. fat.
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Mistake #3:  Not Taking a Holistic Approach to Detoxing

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Your lifestyle is a crucial element for your detoxifying and cleansing ability. While a physical detox or cleanse will get you back on your healthy path, it is important to know that this is just one part of what you can be doing to transform your mind, body and soul. There are simple changes that you can make TODAY that will help. Detoxing your mind can have powerful effects on your body because stress has a myriad of negative effects on the body. Stress can release toxic hormones and chemicals that can be just as toxic to your body as the foods and drinks you consume, products you use on your skin and environmental toxins. Transforming your mind is key to your overall health. Here are some simple techniques you can use for a daily “mental” detox and to nourish your spirit:

  • Meditation/Yoga – guided meditations, a yoga class or there are loads of great online resources
  • Ditch Technology – just for a while, not forever…unless you want to! Take a break from TV, the Internet, and those gossip magazines and spend time at the beach or take a long walk in nature to reconnect
  • Visualisation – is super powerful. Visualise how you want your life to feel, from the way you want your dream home to look to the emotions you want to feel regularly. This helps to bring that positive energy into your life rather than waiting until things change (waiting for things to change never works!).

These things may sound simple (and often more difficult in practice than theory!) but they can make a profound impact on your life…today.

I’m Redefining “Detox”


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Hopefully, after reading this, you will avoid the Three Biggest Detoxing Mistakes and be on your way to a cleaner, healthier you! Because I see so many mistakes people make when detoxing/cleansing and dieting in general, I feel passionate about educating people on how to make better choices. There is a stigma when people hear the words “detox” or “cleansing”. They typically think of Hollywood “crash diets”, fasting, starvation, unpleasant side effects and an overall unhealthy thing to do to your body. Most people do not realise that you need more nutrients when you detox, not fewer. That is why I decided to create a short report, to encourage you to detox and cleanse your body, but in a healthy and safe way. Hopefully, it will make you think about detoxing, cleansing – and dieting in general – in a totally different way.

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If you found the information in this blog post useful and you want to learn more, you can download the complete report below.

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