Video #4 – The 3 Pillars of Transformation: Psychology

Back in Video #2 I provided an overview of the Transformational Nutrition Coaching method – the foundation of my nutrition and health coaching work. I referred to “The 3 Pillars of Transformation” – Nutrition, Psychology and Spirituality.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I truly believe that in order to have the health (physical, mental, emotional), body and life you are striving for, you have to address all 3 of the pillars.

In Video #3 I spoke about the first of these pillars – Nutrition.

In this Video I give an overview of pillar 2 – Psychology.

“Why do you know what to do but still don’t do it?”

It’s the million pound (or dollar) question right?!

There are certainly not a lack of “diets” out there – in fact it feels like a new “diet” comes out every week!

In my Transformational Tuesday newsletters, I talk about Information Overload Syndrome (I.O.S.).

When it comes to health and weight loss, especially in the case of any long-term or chronic health conditions, or if you’ve spent your entire life yo-yo/crash dieting, Psychology can be as – if not more – important than what you actually put in your mouth.

Overeating, Food Addiction, Emotional Eating, Guilt, Shame, Self-Defeating Thoughts, the Food-Mood Connection…these are all topics I discuss under the umbrella of Psychology and are areas of consideration when working with clients wanting to change their nutrition, health and life.

I hope you enjoy Video #4 and please share any comments below 🙂

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