Corporate Wellness

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Wellness in the Workplace

A healthy happy workforce is key to productivity and business success. I started my professional career in the corporate world and I was very fortunate to work for a health-centered company (Cancer Research UK) who looked after their employees. I’ve also worked in environments where employee health hasn’t been a priority and I’ve witnessed the negative effects on myself and my colleagues.

When it comes to stress, long hours, changing shift patterns and “eating on the go”, I’ve been part of a Police 999 response team, so I’ve had to learn tips and habits to eat healthily when there were not many options. I know there is never an excuse not to plan and prepare 😉

I have lived in the UAE since 2009 and I understand what work-life balance can be like in Dubai. I have a good knowledge of what food and delivery options are available and am happy to advise on the good and not-so-good!

My passion is health education – sharing my knowledge and personal experience of over a decade working in the wellness industry. Key interests of mine relevant to Corporate Wellness include:

  • The Stress-Nutrition Connection (and its relationship to Obesity/Diabetes)
  • Foods for Optimal Health and Productivity
  • Healthy Tips/Habits for a Busy Schedule
  • Digestion & Digestive Imbalances (e.g. IBS, Leaky Gut)
  • Mindfulness for Stress and Mental Health

If you would like me to host a Corporate Wellness Workshop or put together a Corporate Wellness Program then please contact me here with a few details and I will be in touch shortly.

If you would like Yoga & Personal Training to be included in any Corporate Wellness Workshop/Program please let me know when contacting me.