Discovery Session

Wondering if this is for You?

Let’s spend some time together so I can show you how to…

  • Uncover what has been keeping you stuck and frustrated
  • Discover the goals that truly motivate you
  • Identify the steps needed to transform your health

In this Skype/phone session together we will…

  • Assess where you are currently at with your health goals and where you want to go. We will create a crystal clear vision of how you’d like to feel every day.
  • Uncover any hidden challenges that may be limiting your progress and discover what might be unconsciously sabotaging you from reaching your goals. Most importantly, what you can start doing to change that, now.
  • Create a clear plan that will dramatically change how you feel in your body and your life.
  • AND you will learn at least one action step you can take right away.

What the Discovery Session is/isn’t (to meet your expectations)…

  • The Discovery Session isn’t a coaching session. Instead I will guide you through a set of structured questions that will give you an insight into what the coaching process is and what you can expect from us working together. There will also be some brief questions to answer prior to the session which will put you into a “coaching mindset” and help the flow of the Discovery Session.
  • The Discovery Session is not just an informal “chat” (although I love to chat!). I want to make the most of our time together, your time is valuable and I want you to leave our Skype/phone session with a clear action plan.
  • The Discovery Session is also a great opportunity to see if we’re a good fit working together 🙂 If I feel like another Coach/Practitioner may be a better fit for you (for example, specialities outside of my expertise), at this time I will give you a recommendation/referral.

If you’re ready to set up your free Discovery Session please head over here.