11 - Kitchen Juice

Workshops & Speaking

My passion is health education - helping people get to the root of why they are failing to achieve their health goals. I share my knowledge and personal experience of over a decade working in the wellness industry. Key interests include:

  • The Psychology of Eating - Why we know what to do but don’t do it!
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Digestion & Digestive Imbalances (e.g. IBS, Leaky Gut)
  • The Stress-Nutrition Connection (and its relationship to Obesity/Diabetes)
  • “Diet” and Lifestyle for Optimal Health (including Mindfulness and Yoga)



I also love to write, sharing my knowledge and personal experiences. I have written for a number of health and fitness magazines including Women’s Health and What’s On. I write from the heart and soul, expressing my honesty, sharing the latest insights into nutrition and health (sprinkled with a dash of British wit).

If you would like me to write for you please contact me here and I will be in touch shortly.