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Coffee For Weight Loss & Health

So coffee…are you a coffee lover? I never touched coffee until I was 30 years old. I was definitely a tea drinker back in my Police days (the only way to survive a night shift). My move back to Dubai found me developing a relationship with coffee. One of the things I get asked a…

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The 30 Day Challenge That Will Change Your Life!

That sounds like a bold claim right?! Well, let me explain. You may or may not know that I’m sort of into my spiritual health stuff (if the yoga teacher and mindfulness/meditation training doesn’t give it away). And you probably hear me talk about addressing the mind, body, soul/spirit equally – whether you’re addressing health,…

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Revisiting Reflections & Resolutions

We’re now 1 week into February…scary right?! They say that time moves fairly slowly until you’re 21 and then seems to increase 2/3 x in speed after that point! I can certainly say for me that’s been true, particularly from my mid-20s onwards (I know, I still look 21 ha!) Back when I was writing…

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