Revisiting Reflections & Resolutions

We’re now 1 week into February…scary right?!

They say that time moves fairly slowly until you’re 21 and then seems to increase 2/3 x in speed after that point! I can certainly say for me that’s been true, particularly from my mid-20s onwards (I know, I still look 21 ha!)

Back when I was writing my “resolutions” (I prefer the term intentions) at the end of 2016 leading into 2017, I shared on social media (Instagram and Facebook) my reflections from 2016.

Now we’re 5 weeks into 2017, I thought I would look back on these again with my 2017 goggles on (original comments remain, new comments in blue)

Reflections on 2016:

1. School (Life) Of Hard Knocks 🤓 – Things will keep coming back to teach you lessons (health, relationships, work) until you learn those lessons. Everyone telling you doesn’t matter, you need to learn these lessons for yourself. What it does mean though is that you become an A+ student in this class and you’ll eventually pass with flying colours!

What lessons keep appearing in your life? These will often emerge as people, relationships, work situations, health and weight challenges. As a coach, I’m here to guide you and in a kind – sometimes firm – way, point out where I see the “gaps” in your health and where health and weight challenges may have stemmed from…and why they are ongoing. However, it’s important to be your own observer, because sometimes, no matter what advice you receive, you need to reach decisions and make changes in your own time. And, eventually, you’ll be ready. And I’ll still be here 🙂

2. The Masked vs. The Unmasked 👺 – People who you thought you could trust and rely on turn out to let you down in a big way. People you don’t even know that well turn out to be some of your closest allies. Big shoutout to the ITN community here and the “digital friends” I have made who have turned out to become true friends. Let go of the people who continue to let you down, embrace deeply the people who always have your back. Forgive everyone.

The end of 2016 proved to be a time of massive unravelling for me. This has continued into 2017. However, what it does re-emphasise is the importance of the good, loyal people in my life. Are there still people in your life, who you allow in your inner circle, and who “drag” you down? This applies so much to your health and weight, your self-esteem, confidence and everything. Believe me. Forget eating organic foods, drinking green juices and all of that. If you continue to let “toxic” people, situations and environments into your life, your life and health, as a result, will be…toxic.

3. The Art Of Detachment 👱 – Non-attachment/Detachment is key (see above). You should be able to trust and rely on people, however, you need to be able to have that sense of “if the sh*t hits the fan, then I can spin on that fan and have a fun ride”.

One of the reasons I like Buddhism and the teachings is their emphasis on non-attachment/detachment. A couple of great resources are Thich Nhat Hanh and Ram Dass. Don’t think you have to be Buddhist to learn from these spiritual teachers. I’m not actually Buddhist myself, I just admire a lot of their teachings.

4. We Are All In This Together 👫 – Life is tough…life is tough…it is tough for everyone. EVERYONE is dealing with something. Of all the NY resolutions flying around, mine is simple – KINDNESS.

I think I’ve started 2017 being “actively” kind. Please let me know if you feel like I haven’t been kind to you and I will rectify that immediately! 🙂 What does “actively” kind mean? Going beyond normal levels of human decency. Everyone will have their own opinion on this one but just think about doing one thing each day that you normally wouldn’t do. Holding a door open for someone seems to be a forgotten act, so start there (gentlemen, it’s always appreciated!)

5. Who Loves You Baby? 💛 – Self-love is the greatest love of all. 2017 is the year for self-love, oh yeah! (OK that’s also my other NY resolution!)

So it’s a bit of a cliché this one and the term “self-love” is bandied around left, right and centre…and now here too! I’ll be exploring this concept later in 2017 but again, it’s safe to say that this has a huge impact on health and weight. One of my mentors and the founder of ITN – where I studied to be a Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) – is Cynthia Pasquella. Her show What You’re Really Hungry For (WYRHF) – where she interviewed some of the leading experts on health, relationships and much more – is worth a peek. 


Can you resonate with any of my “reflections”?

Have you got any more of your own?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Don’t be shy! I will respond to every comment 🙂