Coffee For Weight Loss & Health

So coffee…are you a coffee lover?

I never touched coffee until I was 30 years old. I was definitely a tea drinker back in my Police days (the only way to survive a night shift).

My move back to Dubai found me developing a relationship with coffee.

One of the things I get asked a lot, and I know it’s certainly mentioned in the media a lot, is whether coffee is “healthy” and how many cups a day is good/bad/indifferent.

Firstly, let’s get rid of the notion of good/bad foods or drinks.

Nothing is good and nothing is bad.

Different foods and drinks have different effects on the body…and we are all unique individuals…repeat after me – we are ALL unique individuals 🙂

Some people swear by coffee to get them going in the morning.

Some athletes and fitness professionals swear by it as a pre-workout.

And then the question is how do you drink it? With/without milk, Bulletproof style (aka butter and coconut oil/MCT oil)? Then there’s cold-press coffee which is now gaining popularity.

Is 1 cup a day enough to derive benefits…do you need more…does it offer anti-cancer protection, how much is too much? Does it interfere with sleep after a certain time of the day?

How are you supposed to know the answers to all these questions?!

OK so here’s my breakdown on coffee…

1. Is it good for you?

Depends – it used to make me ill when my body was in a sick depleted state. I’d definitely limit/avoid if you have severe chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue. If you find yourself relying on coffee just to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, then I’d probably suggest you should try to cut back/out entirely. Until your body is in a stronger state. Remember, fatigue (I don’t mean occasional tiredness which is normal) is a red flag. Not a flag to reach for the coffee.

What does your gut instinct say about coffee?

I’ve spent years working on improving my own gut health and working with clients with some pretty gnarly digestive symptoms/challenges. Look, coffee can be a great *ahem* “unblocker”. Which is great if you are struggling with constipation and which is why there are coffee enemas. I won’t go into too much detail here (you’ll be relieved).

Of course, coffee shouldn’t be used as a solution to long-term constipation issues. There’s something going on there. Another red flag.

And if you have a sensitive digestive tract and suffer from diarrhoea or cramps, then perhaps it’s not your friend. Or perhaps it’s the type of coffee you’re drinking OR what you’re drinking it with. It could be the cow or soy(a) milk that’s causing issues and not the coffee itself.

As a personal example, I am a fan of Bulletproof style coffee. As I mentioned above, that uses butter and coconut oil/MCT oil. It really is a meal in a glass (or mug). If I have that in the morning, I often don’t need my first meal of the day until lunchtime. I’ve experimented over the years with Intermittent Fasting…a blog for another day.

I stopped the butter lately because I wanted to take a break from dairy again to reassess my gut and health in general, in response to dairy and different types of dairy. Overall, I feel better not having dairy. For me, I love butter in terms of taste, however, I’m not sure whether it loves me. People go on about lactose being an issue…for me, it’s more of the casein.

I’ve previously mentioned that it’s normally the proteins found in foods that can have a reaction with people. So the gluten protein in wheat, rye and barley, the albumin in egg white and the casein in dairy. Yes, the lactose can be an issue too (lactose is just a sugar by the way). But if you’ve stopped cow’s milk and cow’s milk products (e.g. cheese, yoghurt), then it’s worth considering the casein (found in butter, ghee and whey protein powder) if you’re still having issues with the moo and you’re blaming the coffee. Try going black for a while or use a nut milk like almond, cashew or coconut.

So right now, I’m sort of half-doing Bulletproof style, using coconut oil in my morning black coffee. I find that it still keeps me full, it doesn’t affect my blood sugar or energy as much (no immediate high or crash). Plus coconut oil is wonderful in so many ways.

2. Does it affect your sleep?

Well, only you know the answer to that. You can track your sleep using various sleep monitors and apps. I wrote about this in my first ever blog post, so you can check out what I said here (it’s right towards the bottom of the article).

Remember it’s not the quantity but the quality of sleep. I don’t know about you, but sometimes if I sleep too long, I actually feel worse the following day. Then I realise (from tracking) that I’ve actually spent most of that sleep cycle in the lighter phases of sleep and/or I’ve woken up in the middle of a deep sleep cycle, which is when you will find yourself feeling groggy.

One of the most useful things you can learn about yourself is your body’s circadian rhythm, and when it’s the ideal time for you to wind down and go to sleep/wake…again it’s individual. Rule of thumb – if you have sleep issues – stop drinking coffee after midday. I don’t know about you, but certainly, if I have a coffee beyond 4/5pm, I’m normally still bouncing around in the early hours of the morning. Which is why an espresso martini late at night shouldn’t be my aperitif of choice!

3. Do your genes like coffee?!

Some of us are FAST Phase I detoxifiers. If you have no clue what that means, you can download my free report on “detox” here

I run a core 21-day “detox”-with-a-difference program too. Coffee isn’t on the menu, but that’s only for 21 days 😉

In a nutshell, some of us process substances like caffeine quicker than others. Same applies to alcohol and cigarettes. Which goes some way to explaining why you might only need 1 cup of coffee and Bob needs 4. Also partly explains why Bob might not suffer as bad a hangover as you!

You can be a FAST Phase I detoxifier and a SLOW Phase II detoxifier, vice versa or a combination.

Sometimes genetics run the show.

How do you find out if your genes run the show? I’ll cover this in another blog post, but there are many inexpensive DNA tests on the market nowadays. I link in with a company in the UK to run DNA tests. It looks at your detox genes, coffee tolerance and a lot more! Contact me if you’re interested and I’ll tell you more.

Coffee for Weight Loss & Health

Since I’ve embarked upon my coffee revolution, I’ve experimented a lot, both with the coffee itself, how to consume it, when to consume it and asking myself the above questions.

Recently I came across a company that not only has delicious tasting coffee but also coffee that aids weight loss, boosts energy and has testimonials from people who say that even their sleep and digestive symptoms have improved! This is due to some of the supporting ingredients within the coffee – it’s more than just coffee!

Oh…and it’s far cheaper than your daily Starbucks!

They have other products too, some with caffeine in, that help promote weight loss, energy and immune health. Quite honestly, a lot of people have been getting sick around me lately and I’ve stayed strong and healthy, which for me, with a delicate immune system and under a lot of stress recently, is quite novel! I put it down to some switches I’ve made, including my switch across to Valentus coffee and their other products.

People keep telling me too that I’ve lost weight. Not intentionally and to be honest I don’t exactly have a shed load to lose (no pun intended). I’m not actively training at the moment, besides plenty of walking and some gentle yoga/stretching. I keep telling people – it’s stress + coffee!

However, some of the weight loss results from dozens and dozens of people have been nothing short of amazing!

And people’s stories about health improvements too.

Coffee that aids weight loss + improves health + is cheaper than a Starbucks. Yes, please!

I’ve become such a fan, that I’ve partnered with the company. 

If you know me – and if you don’t personally know me yet, hopefully, you trust me by now – then you’ll know I won’t recommend anything I wouldn’t personally use myself or anything that could cause any harm.

I’ve carefully scrutinised each ingredient and verified with trusted health professionals I’ve worked alongside for a long time. Each ingredient is explained on the website, however, if you want more information about any ingredient, shoot me a message and I’ll explain more what it is, the benefits and who it might not be suitable for (in general not pregnant or breastfeeding mums).

Click here to learn more about this amazing coffee!

If you are interested in the weight loss component, they have a flagship program that has had incredible results. I’m not one for cheesy before and after photos, but results don’t lie, not when there are so many success stories.

I know a lot of people still struggle with weight loss, despite trying to do everything right. Could it be as simple as a cup of coffee?

N.B. The flagship program includes 2 of the other products as well.

If you’re in Dubai and you’d like to try before you buy, I have a limited number of samples. Shoot me a message or comment below and I’ll get one over to you.